Wine Making – The Process

The Wine Press is a state of the art facility where you can make your own custom Wine. We at The Wine Press understand that there is more to wine style than just grape selection. From choosing the best locations in which to import your grapes, to choosing the oak type and aging length, we guide you through the process of making the best possible wine for you to enjoy with friends and family.

Making your own wine is a four step process that will be performed over a 10 month period. The steps include; Crushing, Pressing, Racking and Bottling. Each step takes 15 to 60 minutes. Each time you come into the Press for your step we encourage you to bring food and drink and enjoy yourself as you learn and perform your wine step. Our facility houses a full kitchen and outside patio with grill!

Step One – The Crush!

We crush in both spring and fall. The spring brings grapes from south of the equator, including Chile, Argentina, and South Africa. While the autumn offers up harvests from California and Washington State. When the grapes arrive, we schedule your appointment to de-stem and crush your grapes using our state of the art crushing machinery. You will learn about the maceration and fermentation process and will watch as your wine juice begins the process of transforming into young wine.


Step Two – The Press

One to two weeks later, the wine will have completed it’s fermentation process and you will come in to press your juice and transfer it into an oak barrel. We offer full barrels in both American (240 Bottles) and French (280 Bottles), as well as half and Quarter barrel options. Once completed, the barrel is stored in our climate controlled barrel room for aging.

Step Three – Racking

Five months after your crush, come back in to help rack your wine off any sediment collected in the barrel. This is also a great opportunity to taste your wine in process! The wine is then put back into the barrel to age further before bottling.

Step Four – Bottling

After at least ten months in the barrel, come in to bottle, cork and cap your new creation. With your own personalized labels that you have selected, your wine is now ready to take home! Cheers!

Red Wine Grapes



We take great pride in knowing we have some of the best options for varietal choice available to our customers. Options like Mendoza’s world famous Malbec from Argentina, or California’s Russian River Pinot Noir. It’s our pleasure to guide you through your selection. Other winemaking options include: Barrel Room Aging, Half bottles for special occasions, and Free-Run wine. If you are interested in making your own custom barrel of wine, we’d like to invite you in for a tasting to discuss your interest. Please contact us at

White Wine Grapes