It All Starts With A Couple Of Grapes

The Barrel Club

For those who would like to make smaller batches of wine, The Wine Press is offering a unique opportunity to join our Barrel Club. Come together with fellow vintners and choose two to eight cases of wine.

The clubs begin in both Spring and Fall. We choose the dates and times to schedule, you choose how much wine you’d like to make. It’s that easy!

Check our events page for our next scheduled Barrel Club or Contact us now to join the club!


Because Wine Ages Better Than Cake

Wedding Favors

“Marriage is like a fine wine if tended properly it just gets better with age”

weddingfavors2As your wedding approaches and wedding plans begin to take shape, come and create your own custom wine for your special day. In the months leading up to your wedding, bring your wedding party together and turn grapes into your own delicious wine. You and your wedding party are welcome to come learn, eat, and of course drink, at every step of the wine making process.

Sharing is what weddings are all about. So what better way to share this love then by giving each of your loved ones, a little piece of the love the two of you have worked so hard to create. Providing each guest with 1/2 bottle splits with your name and wedding date on beautifully personalize labels make unique and special wedding favors. It’s a wonderful taste of your dedication to each other.

An additional option is to provide full size bottles of your custom wine on each guest table to be shared during your reception. Opening that bottle and sharing the moments of the past and hopes for the future with family and friends is a unique experience that we can offer. So why make wine for your wedding? Because wine ages better then cake..