Be more than a wine drinker

This season the Barrel Club is offering a Lodi California Pinot Noir.

The style of a Lodi Pinot Noir has shown a bright raspberry nose, with tasting notes of bright cherry and hints of mushroom. This will be a good young wine with easy drinking tannins and crisp acidity.

Come together with fellow vintners and choose to make your own custom wine. Know the dates of your wine making steps ahead of time, and enjoy an original experience. Attend as many of the steps or as few as you would like:

Our crushing dates look like late to mid September. Expect more exact dates within the month. Space is limited so call Lori for more specific information (203) 777-9463!

The following are the steps all winemakers can enjoy

Step One – The Crush

Step Two – Depending on the rate of fermentation

you will be invited back 5-10 days later to press your wine of the grape skins.

Step Three – Around five months later

we invite you back to rack and taste your wine.

Step Four – Is when we show you how to bottle your own wine to take home

For more information on availability, please call or email us.

203-777-9463 –